When people think of Oahu, they think of three places: Honolulu, Waikiki, and Pearl Harbor. But Oahu has so much more to offer! To catch a glimpse of Hawaii’s natural beauty, rent a Jeep from ABC Auto Center, grab your hiking gear, and check out these 5 long hiking trails

5 Oahu Long Hiking Trails

1. Kawailoa Trail

The Kawailoa Trail is located on the North Shore and offers scenic overlooks and lush vegetation. The trail is comprised of 9.4 miles of rough, muddy terrain that travels up to the Koolau Summit. The trail is rated as difficult and, as such, only experienced hikers should attempt this trail. There is only has one access point, near Haleiwa. 

2. Wahiawa Poamoho Trail

For beautiful views of the northeastern shores of the island, the Wahiawa Poamoho Trail is unbeatable. Hikers will enjoy a moderately difficult ridge hike through native forests up to the Koolau Summit. From there, follow the trail up through the Koolau Mountains for panoramic views of the east side of Oahu.

3. Konahuanui

Expert hikers seeking both a challenge and excellent views will love the hike up Konahuanui. This is a steep, muddy climb up the tallest mountain on Oahu, located in the Koolau range. The twin-peaked Puu Konahuanui, while steep and rugged, offers views of Hawaii’s wet forests and an abundance of lush vegetation and wildlife.

4. Waimano Ridge Trail

For a long day hike with views of Hawaii’s most beautiful flora, hike the Waimano Ridge Trail. The trail splits into upper and lower trails. The lower trail explores the valley floor while the upper trail follows a ridge up to the Koolau summit. The vegetation on this hike is lush, vibrant, and diversified; words can hardly describe its beauty!

5.  Maunawili Trail

What is a hike in Hawaii if it doesn’t end at a waterfall? Maunawili Trail travels ten miles along the base of the Koolau Mountain Range. Hikers will enjoy spectacular views of the eastern side of Oahu. And, to top it off, the trail ends at Maunawili Falls and swimming hole.

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