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Since 2008, ABC Auto Center has been selling quality used cars in Honolulu and the surrounding areas, and even to those from the other islands in Hawaii. As members of the Independent Dealers Association, we are proud to be known as one of the island’s largest dealers supplying the most reliable used cars and other vehicles in Honolulu and beyond.

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We make buying a car as easy as ABC, and our in-house auto financing allows even those with poor or no credit to own their own vehicle. View our inventory, or contact us at (808) 676-7044 to ask our sales team about any of our available cars for sale, including the unique Wheego electric cars.

Best Used Cars on the Island

As respected professionals in the automotive industry here in Hawaii, we make certain each and every vehicle that is in our inventory is of the highest quality. From regular maintenance to deep cleaning to mechanical servicing, our certified pre-owned vehicles are ready for our customers with a turn of the key. We also provide a 30-day powertrain warranty on each vehicle sold and have mechanics on hand to ensure the automobile’s quality. Our tried-and-true service and car repair shop works on engines, tires, brakes, suspensions, and almost every other component of a vehicle.

Wheego Electric Cars

If you’re looking to own your own piece of history, ask us about our collection of Wheego electric cars and how they can add some practicality to your daily life. These zero-emission, environmentally friendly cars are powered by a battery which is charged through a normal AC outlet. With a full charge, the Wheego can travel about 100 miles before a boost is required, which is equivalent to a trip around Oahu — perfect for normal commute. Purchasing a Wheego also comes with a very appealing federal tax credit.

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Along with our new and used car sales near Honolulu, we also have various car rental options for vacationers and residents who are in need of a temporary vehicle or insurance replacement. If you’d like to learn more about ABC Auto Center and our policies, rental options, or any of our cars or vans for sale, call us at (808) 676-7044, and let us get you in your next vehicle.