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The tropical allure of Hawaii isn’t for just anybody — it’s for everybody. At ABC Auto Center, we make it our duty to help customers experience this sun-drenched paradise. By offering premium used cars for sale and car rentals in Honolulu, Hawaii, we provide you the means to navigate the island at your own pace. Call (808) 676-7044 to learn more or make a reservation for one of our reliable, well-maintained car rentals today.

Whether traveling into the Honolulu area for pleasure or business, or you already live here, having a reliable form of transportation is very important. With miles upon miles of nature to explore, make sure you have the wheels to get to each destination. At ABC, we help you find the right rental car or other vehicle, no matter the situation. Our car rental options include cars, vans, trucks, and SUVs, and all have affordable pricing. The vehicles in our sales inventory are all certified pre-owned models, so our fellow Hawaiians can have an inexpensive, yet reliable automobile for their daily routines. Contact our office at (808) 676-7044 to learn more about any or all of our services on the island of Oahu.

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Honolulu Used Cars

If you’re investing the time and money required for finding a new vehicle, come to ABC Auto Center and browse through our inventory. From cars to trucks and vans to SUVs, we have an enormous collection of clean, certified, and modern vehicles to choose from. We also offer guaranteed-approval auto financing, which benefits purchasers with poor credit histories. When you choose to buy your car from ABC Auto Center, you’ll be able to make the purchase comfortably and leave your credit problems at the door. All purchases even come with a 30-day powertrain warranty and are serviced prior to sale by our professional vehicle repair shop. Of course, we also have a number of car rentals in Honolulu, Hawaii, if you just need some temporary transportation.

Wheego Electric Cars

As locals, we know that gas prices on the island can be incredibly high. In fact, with the cost of gas ever increasing, we feel it’s important to branch out and try something a bit more innovative. Enter Wheego Electric Cars. Small in stature, but big in performance, these electric models get approximately 100 miles per charge, meaning you can travel from one end of the island to the other, and back again. We believe it’s the ideal choice for locals. Not only will you save money on fuel, but the car also produces zero emissions, meaning you can keep our air quality pristine. Charge it through a typical AC outlet, too, as there’s no special charging station required!

Coming soon, we’re anticipating some newer models and styles of Wheego electric cars. Stay tuned!

Honolulu Car Rental Options

Expanding our business into the realm of truck, van, and car rentals, we feel that our customers can fully enjoy their trip with our knowledgeable staff and helpful advice behind them. Family vacations and honeymoons are no problem for us, as we have a rental vehicle to accommodate each and every one of our customers. We even have a convenient Honolulu airport car rental service and offer our vehicles as both long-term and daily rentals. No matter your destination, we’re certain to accommodate you with the most affordable and safest options for car rental in Honolulu. Come to ABC Auto Center for affordable vehicles and excellent service!

Plan your next trip to Hawaii by contacting our Waipahu location at (808) 676-7044. We are praised for our friendly customer service and offer the best deals in town. Let us extend a helpful hand in planning your time in the Hawaiian utopia.